Frequently Asked Questions


Some questions you may what the answers to

 01  How long are the courses

Courses range from a single full day for the refresher course and up to four full days for the management courses. No course is longer than four days. 




 02  Where are the courses held

Courses are held all around the UK with most centralised around London and South, however courses are held in Manchester and further North. Please check the website for upcoming venues.

For groups greater than five, we will hold training at your offices if this option suits your business. 




 03  What qualifications will I obtain

As all courses are either iosh or CPD affiliated; you will receive a certificate of completion from Training Construction Services and iosh or CPD.

 04  What is the cost of the courses

Courses range from £ 300.00 to £ 600.00 dependant on the offer being run or the size of the group. Please visit the website home page to take advantage of the offers.